About Friendship Force 

In 1977 a group of people from Altanta USA got together and contacted the UK city of Newcastle with an idea for a new way to travel and make friends. Instead of travelling like tourists and staying in hotels, the group would stay as guests in the homes of the people of Newcastle. A reciprocal visit took folks from Newcastle to stay with families in Atlanta.

This first "cultural exchange" was a huge success creating a great many friendships.

From then on the idea grew and grew as like-minded people from around the world started their own clubs and joined in the fun of travelling, hosting and making friends.

Since those early days the number of clubs has grown to over 350 with 60 different countries represented around the globe. Every year over 5,000 people travel to see the sights, meet the locals and make friends. There are also many thousands of other trips where existing friends meet up to renew their acquaintances. 

This is a different way to travel and will change the way you see the world. You will meet the people of the countries you visit. You'll get to know them and learn about how they live and how they see the world.

You'll make friends both at home and overseas. Even if you're not much of a traveller, you can still participate when other clubs arrange visits to your town or city.

Use the UK map to find a club near you. If there isn't one close enough then why not get together with some of your friends and start a club of your own! Contact FFI for help and advice.


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